The Hotel complex “Bashkiria” **** is situated in the historical and business center of Ufa, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. In its close vicinity there is the Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theatre, Bashkir State Philharmonic, the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Congress Hall, Ice Stadium "Ufa-Arena", museums, theatres, and galleries.

In December 1935, the architect V.M. Maximov’s design for building a new hotel in Ufa was approved.

The hotel complex building was erected in 1939 against an order of the Ufa City Council. In Bashkortostan architecture there was the period of transition from constructivism to neo-classicism. That was the style that Maximov followed, abandoning decorative and plastic elements and taking the path of simplification and patterning. Massive balconies were the only decoration.

Initially, the hotel was named “European”, but straight after it was built it was renamed “Bashkiria”.

The Bashkiria Hotel received its first guests just before the Great Patriotic War. Soon, figures of the world communist movement were evacuated there: the Comintern Executive Committee functioned in Ufa from October 1941 until May 1943. The large aerial of the Comintern radio station towered above the hotel for a long period of time. In1954, radio amateurs, under the aegis of DOSAAF, refitted the Comintern radio equipment with a TV studio: the first TV shows were broadcast from there.

Half a century passed and cardinal reconstruction of the hotel building became necessary; the reconstruction commenced in 1997. At the beginning of the reconstruction, the target was set to reach the level of a three-star hotel. However, in the process of work, the hotel status was upgraded to the ‘four stars’ level. The construction design was done by a team from the “Arkhproject” art studio. The design authors took into consideration that the project constituted architectural and historical value, so the building was retained in the then current composition layout with similarly lengthy facades looking at Lenin and Kirov streets. Facades were changed in the yard part of the building only. The atrium space, which was added on the side of the yard and became the main component of a new spacious entrance hall turned out to be the most impressive part. After reconstruction, the hotel received a new name – “Bashkortostan”.

In August 2002, the hotel complex “Bashkortostan” certified its services for compliance with international standards for the category 4****.

The last hotel renovation works commenced in March 2014 and ended in May 2015. Considering the stupendous historical and architectural value of the building, every effort was undertaken during hotel reconstruction to preserve the historical facade. Only the outer walls were left from the old building; absolutely everything inside the hotel was fully renovated and an additional building was added. In the interior decoration of the building, local natural stones were used: marble and granite, and as regards to the technological infrastructure, the hotel meets the latest standards of comfort, safety and level of services of a four-star hotel.

Today, the hotel complex building is rightly among the most distinguishing symbols of the Bashkir capital.