Bonus card “RESTAURANT”
Bonus card “RESTAURANT”

The accrued bonuses in the bars and restaurant services are accrued subject to the following conditions:

1.     Bonuses for the bars and restaurant services are accrued starting from the first payment of a bill

2.     When a bill is paid, 100 of the bill (voucher) amount are accrued on the guest’s bonus card “RESTAURANT”.

3.     If there is no card, a guest receives no bonuses.

4.     1 bonus = 1 ruble.

5.     One can pay a bill with the amount accrued in bonuses at any time provided he/she has a card.

6.     One can pay a restaurant bill with accrued bonuses in part or in full. In order to pay with bonuses, one should present his/her card during payment to the waiter or restaurant administrator. In case of partial payment, the remainder may be paid with cash or a bankcard. Bonuses are accrued on the guest’s personal account only on the part of sum that was paid for with cash or bankcard.

7.     No bonuses are accrued on the sum paid with bonuses.

8.     No bonuses are accrued for breakfasts, business lunches, banquets, and standing buffets.

9.     A guest may learn the current status of his/her card from the restaurant administrator or send an enquiry to stating his/her full name and card number.