Rules for participaton
Rules for participaton
Rules for participation in the loyalty program “BASHKIRIA HOTEL”: 

1.       A hotel guest who has completed a questionnaire and received a membership card may be a participant in the loyalty program “BASHKIRIA HOTEL”. There are 2 types of cards in the hotel complex “Bashkiria”:

- card “Guest of Honor” that applies to hotel accommodation.

- bonus card “RESTAURANT” that applies to the hotel bars and restaurant.

Cards are activated on the next day. Permanent guest’s questionnaires can be found at the hotel check-in counter.

2.       Membership cards of the loyalty program “BASHKIRIA HOTEL” may not be given to third parties.

3.       Guests must present their card “Guest of Honor” while checking-in, mention it during booking, and present the bonus card “RESTAURANT” while paying a restaurant bill.

4.       The card discount applies only to accommodation; a guest may pay with accrued bonuses only in the hotel bars and restaurant.

5.       As one goes from one level of the program to the next, the amount of privileges increases.

6.       Discounts under the card of the loyalty program “BASHKIRIA HOTEL” are not summed up

7.       Discounts under the card of the loyalty program “BASHKIRIA HOTEL” do not apply to special offers, actions, and packages of services.

8.       If a card is lost (damaged), it can be re-issued after a new questionnaire is completed. The administration of the Hotel “Bashkortostan” LLC cancels a lost card in the program, the data of the previous card being saved.

9.       When the next calendar year begins, the quantity of points and status of a Guest remain.

10. The conditions of granting discounts under the cards, and the introduction of new privileges may be changed by the hotel. Information about this is available on the hotel website at, and also from the contact zone personnel in the restaurant/hotel.

11. A card is valid for three years. After expiry of this term, the card status will be clarified.

12. Cards of the loyalty program “BASHKIRIA HOTEL” are an element of the hotel’s marketing policy. Issue of a card and subsequent granting of discounts under it or other privileges is a part of the fulfilment by the parties of the public sale and purchase agreement as provided for by Article 426 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

13. Completion of an offered questionnaire and its execution means guest’s consent to the Guideline provisions. If a questionnaire is not completed in full or in part, the hotel will be entitled to refuse to issue a card to a guest.

14. Information received from the questionnaires are used by the hotel in compliance with the Federal Law “On Personal Data” dated 27.07.2006, No.152-FZ, for client identification while granting a discount under a card or to re-issue a lost card retaining the accruals, also to in form card holders about hotel offers and when new programs are introduced.

15. By participating in the Program, and signing a questionnaire, every guest thus confirms his/her consent to use the provided information by the hotel for marketing purposes utilizing methods that do not violate the legislation of the Russian Federation currently in force, including through disclosure to third parties.

16. In a questionnaire, a participant shall state basic information:

 - his/her full name: surname, first name, and patronymic (the full name must be consistent with the name in the identity document)

  - post address (city, region, district, street, house number, apartment/office number), where the participant prefers receiving additional information about the Program

  - mobile and other contact telephone numbers and an e-mail address, where the guest wants to receive notifications and other information about the Program.

17. If false (inaccurate, unreliable) information about oneself is stated in a questionnaire, also if out-dated information is not updated in time, a card holder shall bear himself/herself the risk of any negative consequences related to such inaccurate information. 

18. Personal data stated in a questionnaire is kept in the hotel information system. The information system is a totality of personal data about card holders received from the data in bills (vouchers), questionnaires, and other sources of information, and information technologies and hardware allowing for the processing of personal data.