Accommodation rules
Accommodation rules

Check-in time is 14:00 and check-out time is noon.

In case of check-in during the period of 00:00 to 12:00 hours at the local time, 50% of the daily price for a room at the rate effective at the time of check-in is charged. In this instance, if a Guest has ordered breakfast, it shall be paid additionally. In case of a delayed check-out, the accommodation fee shall be charged as follows:

✓  not more than two hours after the check-out time – no fee is charged
✓  check-out from 14:00 to 23:59 at local time
✓  a fee for half a day at the price of a room of its respective category according to the latest applicable rate
✓  check-out after 0:00 at local time, incurs a fee for the whole day.

Children younger than 6 years of age can stay with their parents in any room without an additional bed free of charge. Children of 7 years of age and older can stay at an extra charge equal to 1000 rubles. Children are accommodated in the hotel if there is a birth certificate.

If desired, a transfer service can be provided.

Order cancellation
In case of order cancellation 2 days before the arrival date, no penalty is charged.

In case of order cancellation later than above or in the case of non-arrival, a penalty equal to 100% of the price of the first day of accommodation is charged.

Accommodation rules